22nd Biennial New Chaucer Society Congress

Durham, 11th–14th July 2022

Video introduction to the Digital Aspects of the conference

NB This video contains information that should be of interest to all delegates, whether they are virtual or in-person, because all of the resources introduced here will be of use (we hope) to everyone attending the congress.

It is only 8 minutes long.

Apologies (in advance) if you encounter any advertising. the video is being hosted (ultimately) by Youtube.

Attendee Hub

This is where all of the conference's online content, including both its livestreams and its recorded content, will be hosted. 

The hub is a live system. Not only will you see various changes and adjustments to the program (in response to changes requested by delegates), but there will also be new functions gradually appearing.

Event Registration

This is where you can pay for registration, accommodation, dinners, excursions etc.

Speaker Resource Centre

This is where attendees can go to upload material to the conference, and to manage their attendee profiles.