22nd Biennial New Chaucer Society Congress

Durham, 11th–14th July 2022

Attendee Hub

This is where all of the conference's online content, including both its livestreams and its recorded content, will be hosted. 

The hub is a live system. Not only will you see various changes and adjustments to the program (in response to changes requested by delegates), but there will also be new functions gradually appearing.

Event Registration

This is where you can pay for registration, accommodation, dinners, excursions etc.

Speaker Resource Centre

This is where attendees can go to upload material to the conference, and to manage their attendee profiles.
Registration for the 2022 Congress is now open.
It will close on Monday, 27th June.

Information for Speakers

If you are planning to speak at the conference (and your contribution has been accepted by the Program Committee), you will be able to deliver it in one of two formats depending on your delegate status…

1. If you are planning to come to Durham (and have therefore paid either for the Full or Concessionary Delegate package) you can deliver your paper live in the TLC. The session it is part of will be livestreamed, recorded and made available on the conference hub. If you would like use a Powerpoint presentation, then you can upload it via the Speaker Resource Centre. If you would like to attach any additional materials – such as a list of further reading, images or supplementary text – you can also upload these via the Speaker Resource Centre.

2. If you are not planning to come to Durham (and have therefore paid for the Virtual Delegate package), please upload a recording of yourself delivering your contribution (i.e. in the form of a digital movie).  There are various ways of doing this. Powerpoint/Keynote and Teams/Zoom offer the option to record presentations, and there is also dedicated software like Prezi ( or Powtoon ( It is also possible simply to create Quicktime files and combine them into movies (e.g. via movie-makers like iMovie or Movavi Video Editor). You should not exceed the normal time-limits (so if the Program Commmittee has assigned you a slot for a 20-minute paper, then your digital presentation should not last more than 20 minutes). Please submit your file, via the Speaker Resource Centre, before Monday, the 27th of June, at the very latest. We need you to meet this deadline so that we have the opportunity to build these presentations into the hub before the conference begins. If you would like to distribute any supplementary material via the hub – e.g. an accompanying hand-out or a .pdf of any slides you are using – then again you can use the Speaker Resource Centre

Virtual delegates will not have the option to give their presentation live via Zoom or Teams (see the Q&A here).