22nd Biennial New Chaucer Society Congress

Durham, 11th–14th July 2022

The 22nd Biennial Congress took place in Durham on the 11th-14th July as planned, but the Conference Hub (containing recordings of all the academic sessions) is still available to delegates.

It was originally due to be available only until the 12th October 2022. However – STOP PRESS (as of early October) – we have been able to extend its existence to the end of March 2023. Registered delegates will be able to access it (via the existing links/login) until then.

The Hub (and all the material on it) will cease to exist on 31st March, 2022.

Attendee Hub

This is where all of the conference's online content, including both its livestreams and its recorded content, will be hosted. 

The hub is a live system. Not only will you see various changes and adjustments to the program (in response to changes requested by delegates), but there will also be new functions gradually appearing.

Event Registration

This is where you can pay for registration, accommodation, dinners, excursions etc.

Speaker Resource Centre

This is where attendees can go to upload material to the conference, and to manage their attendee profiles.

To access the Attendee Hub and the Speaker Resource Centre, you need to be a registered delegate.

Once you have registered, please allow several days for your details to be transferred to the Hub.

How to Get the Conference App

The Conference App (called Cvent Events) will enable you to access the Attendee Hub via your mobile phone. Once you have downloaded the app, search for "Chaucer" and our event should appear. You will then be able to log in using the email address you gave us when registering.
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In July 2022, the New Chaucer Society will be coming to "the land of the Prince-Bishops" – to the ancient cathedral city of Durham, in the north-east of England. The 22nd Biennial Congress will take place at the University of Durham's brand-new Teaching and Learning Centre from Monday the 11th of July to Thursday the 14th July.

This conference was originally due to take place in July 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The programme will include a reception in the Cloisters, followed by a special concert for delegates in Durham Cathedral. There will be options to dine in the Great Hall of Durham's Castle in both Tuesday the 12th and Thursday the 14th. There will also be a choice of excursions on Friday the 15th.

The conference will have a substantial online presence, via its dedicated hub, and the accompanying app (see links above). All of its academic content will be available to all delegates (and only to delegates) via this hub, and will remain available for 90 days after the conference ends. Academic sessions in Durham will all be both livestreamed and recorded.

For those unable to attend the conference in person, there will be an option to register as a virtual delegate, and to submit papers in digital form (via the Speaker Resource Centre). All of these digitally submitted papers will also be available to all delegates via the hub, both during the conference and for 90 days afterwards.

Information about the Congress, the city and how to reach it can be found on these pages (which also contain suggestions for places to visit). Detailed information about the structure of the conference – including, for example, about the relationship between in-person and "virtual" participation – can be found here.

The Congress is taking place with generous financial support from:

Concert by the Northern Consort

Durham Cathedral Nave
Monday 11th July, 2022: 9pm

Open only to registered NCS Congress delegates and guests of the choir only (not a public event).

This event will not be recorded. (For various practical and technical reasons this was not possible.)

You can access the concert programme here:
People involved in the organisation of the conference currently include:
(All based in Durham unless *asterisked)
Principal Planners
Neil Cartlidge
Judith Williams
Daryl Dowding 

Neil Cartlidge
Mara Ciuntu
*Julie Orlemanski
*Philip Knox 

Concert Organiser
Venetia Bridges 

Choir Director
Simon Lee 
with special thanks to *Peter Foggitt

Venetia Bridges
Lili Banev
Jessica Holmes
Rachel Lee
Clare Crinson
Kathryn Crowder
Peter Hicks
Daniel Cook
James Draper
Andrew Fowler
Luke Busbridge
Robin Crinson
Edwin Holmes
Rupert Peacock
Simon Lee (saxophone)

Manuscripts Catalogue and Showings
Richard Gameson 

Palace Green Library
Judy Burg
Rachel Harding
Richard Higgins
Tony King 

*Nachiket Agnihotri
*Chinmay Mishra
*Aamir Siddiqui
*Daniel Watterson 

special thanks to:
*Tom Goodmann
*Anthony Bale
*Paige Miller 

NCS Program Committee (2022)
*Phil Knox
*Julie Orlemanski
*Jen Jahner
*Sarah McNamer
*Samantha Seal
*Anthony Bale

NCS Program Committee (2020)
*Elliot Kendall 
*Robyn Bartlett
*Mary Flannery
*Wan-Chuan Kao
*Phil Knox
*Myra Seaman
*Ruth Evans

Event Durham
Judith Williams
Daryl Dowding
Loretta Snowball
Vicki Etherington
Thomas Ludlow
with special thanks to George Martin

Session Producers
Beth Clanchy
Wanjie Feng
Euan Martin
Matthew Malone
Toni Salami
Carrie Thomas
Charlotte Thompson
Event Durham:
Daryl Dowding
Vicki Etherington
Thomas Ludlow
Academic staff:
Mike Huxtable
Mark Chambers

Durham University Computing and Information Services (CIS)
Scott Bradburn
Daniel Tate
Roger Barrass
Jonathan Dye
Simon Stevenson
Thomas Williamson 

Graduate Workshop
Richard Gameson
*Dan Wakelin 
James Sargan  

Elizabeth Alpass 

Department of English Studies
Corinne Saunders
Venetia Bridges
Mike Huxtable
David Lawton
Mark Chambers
Natalie Goodison
Neil Cartlidge
with special thanks to John Nash

Boydell and Brewer
special thanks to *Caroline Palmer

Apologies if we have missed anybody off this list. 
Any errors or omissions will be gratefully corrected.

So many people have helped and supported this conference in so many ways; and we are grateful to you all!

The New Chaucer Society

You need to be a fully paid-up member of the New Chaucer Society Conference in order to attend this conference.
Registration for the 2022 Congress is now closed.